July 24, 2012

Albert Einstein Was Also One Cool Dude, Here Are 18 Photos of Your Favorite Theoretical Physicist Being Chill

Albert Einstein was born on this date in 1879. The German-born Nobel Prize winner possessed a quick, sharp wit along with his enviable IQ, and his tendency to offset the very serious matter of general relativity with a little lighthearted humor is evident in this series of photos.

1. Tannin'

2. Relaxin'

3. Layin'

4. Bikin'

5. Smirkin'

6. Boatin'

7. Going wadin'

8. Standin' (with a doll of himself)

9. Hangin'

10. Smokin'

11. Laughin'

12. Chillin'

13. Sittin'

14. Ponderin'

15. Teasin'

16. Steerin'

17. Paddlin'

18. Yeah, I'm a genius

(via BuzzFeed)


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