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July 19, 2012

No Photoshop or Instagram Needed, Stunning Polaroids of Blondie Front-Woman Debbie Harry Taken by Andy Warhol in 1980

Andy Warhol, fascinated by beautiful female celebrities, was inspired by Debbie Harry, from the punk rock band Blondie. From behind the Polaroid camera, Andy Warhol captured a series of simple, yet, stunning, photographs of Blondie front-woman Debbie Harry in 1980. No Photoshop or Instagram needed.

In an interview, Debbie Harry described how she met Warhol: “We crossed paths. New York had an active street life - it was a small community back then. You often ran into people. You knew them already or got introduced. I bumped into Andy on Broadway and 13th street and said hello and we chatted about everything. I suppose this is how we met and our friendship grew from there. I got invited to the factory and knew others that worked for Andy. I knew Brigid Polk and Andy Coltrain.”

She also discussed what it was like to sit for Warhol: “He was the master of understatement. He’d say ‘Try looking over here’. He was very softly spoken and used a funny Polaroid portrait camera. It was an easy environment and not really a pressured situation. He made it very easy. Andy was part of our legacy and our future.”

Pictures of Debbie Harry during a Polaroid shoot with Andy Warhol, 1980:



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