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June 13, 2012

1940s Kissing Style: Photo Guide on How To Kiss Correctly, ca. 1942

LIFE magazine published this guide for actors in 1942, but it may still come in handy today.

According to these romantic pictures from the magazine, there are some vital basic steps to follow to achieve the perfect clinch.

First, the how-to guide recommends that kissers should not stand too far apart - pointing out that actors doing this on stage look 'juvenile if they are so stand-offish'.

WRONG: Actors kissing on-stage look too juvenile if they are so stand-offish

RIGHT: Boy and girl should stand close together and not hold each other too tightly

The next thing to remember is not to 'sprawl all over the chair' in a moment of heated passion. This is apparently considered ungraceful and is 'bad technique.'

Instead, the girl should avoid all danger of her sensible skirt riding up by sitting on the arm of a chair while the boy holds her.

WRONG: Sprawling all over the chair is considered ungraceful

RIGHT: Girl should sit on arm of the chair and boy should hold her firmly but lightly

He should do so 'firmly but lightly', the etiquette guide continues.

While some of the strict advice may seem quaint, the instructions from a back issue of LIFE magazine have provoked fierce debate over points of style.

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  1. Wwow! Last picture is very sensual!

    Hugs, Ina




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