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June 11, 2012

Amazing Vintage Photos of New York City in 1922

Times Square, 1922

3rd Ave line of the Manhattan Elevated Railway running on tracks constructed alongside the Bowery which is being utilized by both horse drawn and mechanical traffic

Brooklyn Bridge soda stand ground level

Trackless Trolley, Meiers Corner

Housing Station DSC 17th Street and Avenue C general view demolition old building

Manhattan Bridge view showing soda and candy stand at East Broadway and Henry Street

Boardwalk, Coney Island Henderson's Walk looking from Surf Avenue to the Boardwalk

Brooklyn Bridge soda stand upper level

Boardwalk, Coney Island general view looking West from Steeplechase pier

Carmine Street looking west from Varick Street and Clarkson Street. Sewers under construction

Queens Boulevard, Heckmann's Halfway House

Curtis High School, Hamilton Avenue & Saint Mark's Place, Saint George, Staten Island Gothic style, attached to church

Interior, with bear skin rug

Coney Island lifeguards (getting photobombed)

Riverside Drive, Broadway, 134th Street viaduct

Street Scenes - March 1922. E. 42nd St. No. Side - Madison to 5th Aves

Home Demonstration Agents Visit to Hotel Commodore New York, April 21st 1922

Street Scenes - June 1922, Fifth Ave N.E. Cor., 53rd St.

Panoramic Birds Eye view of Pigtown (on a modern map this would include parts of Crown Heights)

Not the beeeeeer!



  1. what, truly amazing how much it has changed! cannot believe that picture of time square...... so cool, thanks for sharing :)

  2. what, genuinely stunning the amount it has changed! can't accept that image of time square...... so cool, much obliged for sharing :)
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