March 19, 2012

Lovely Vintage Pictures of Movie Stars at Home with Their Kids

They are also normal people like everyone, and always cherish the time with their children at home.

Hard-boiled action star Steve McQueen kisses his daughter Terry goodnight at their home in Hollywood, CA in 1963.

Sammy Davis Jr. plays with his son, Mark Davis, in 1964.

Screen icons Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh play with their daughters, future TV actress Kelly Curtis, left, and future movie star Jamie Lee Curtis in their Beverly Hills Home in 1959.

John Wayne at home with kids Ethan, Marissa, and Aissa and wife Pilar in 1969.

Liz Taylor plays with Liza, her daughter by Mike Todd, while filming Cleopatra in Rome in April 1962. On the set, Taylor famously fell for co-star Richard Burton, who married her and adopted Liza.

Future pop star/actor Dean-Paul Martin shows off his muscles to papa Dean and brothers Ricci and Craig at home in Beverly Hills in 1958.

Shirley MacLaine and daughter Sachi Parker pose with pearl necklaces in 1959.

Dean Martin watches daughter Gina Caroline Martin walking in his shoes at their Beverly Hills home in 1958.

Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles hold newborn daughter Rebecca Welles at home in Hollywood, California, in December 1944. She is the only child of their five-year marriage.

Michael Redgrave, wife Rachel Kempson, and children Corin, Lynn, and Vanessa pose for a portrait on the banks of the Thames near their London home in 1946.

Sophia Loren plays with her son, Carlo Ponti Jr., at her home in Rome in 1969. He'll grow up to be an orchestra conductor.

Robert Walker rides a tricycle with Michael, top, and Robert Jr., his sons by actress Jennifer Jones, in 1942.

Joan Crawford spends a happy moment with her daughter in Monterey, California in 1945. Decades later, in her controversial memoir Mommie Dearest, Christina will accuse her mother of abuse.

Henry Fonda is flanked by future stars Peter and Jane Fonda, his children by wife Frances, left, at home in Connecticut in 1948. Henry's stepdaughter Frances Brokaw is seated second from left.

Sachi Parker play-screams with mom Shirley MacLaine in 1959. Exorcist author William Peter Blatty refuted MacLaine's claim that her daughter was the inspiration for the possessed Regan, or that he used her face on the book cover.

Steve McQueen, so often cool and stoic onscreen, laughs while playing with his son, future B-movie actor Chad McQueen, at home in Hollywood in 1963.

(Photos via Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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