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February 5, 2012

30 Vintage Photographs Documented Sgt. Elvis Presley Returning From the Army in March 1960

On March 5, 1960, Sergeant Elvis Presley was honorably discharged from a 2-year stint in the US Army. (He remained on reserve service, but wasn't called up again.) He had been drafted back in 1958.

Upon returning to Memphis, the 25-year-old man gave an interview (conducted March 8, 1960). The first question: “Did you get the black-eyed peas when you got home?” Presley’s answer: “I haven’t eaten anything yet. [laughs] I’ve just been lookin’ around, more or less, since I got back, you know?”

(Photos: Al Fenn/ LIFE Archive)

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  1. It's pretty awesome that Elvis served in the Army. He's got my respect as both a person and singer. His music was real good, and it's got me laughing because around my house, my stepdad jokes around about Elvis, because my stepdad thinks he's the king. But That's awesome that Elvis served in the Army. Way to go him!




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