January 9, 2012

We Were So Much Older Then! Check Out These 24 Portrait Photos of Middle Aged Women From the 1960s

Is it our hair? Our makeup? Do our fitted jeans make the difference? Are our yoga and pilates classes more effective than we thought? Are we Botox-ing more than anyone will admit, or dyeing our hair at some kind of marathon pace? Why is it that middle-aged women today seem years and years younger than women of the same age from the 1960s?

Could our more youthful appearance be attributed to how so few women of our generation smoke cigarettes? How we get out of the house more than our moms did to pursue rewarding careers (and earn our own money to spend on beauty products)? Are our Spanx working better than their girdles? Do we simply feel more pressure to look better now then they did then?

Take a look at these 24 vintage photos of middle-aged women from the 1960s and try to discern why it is they look more like grandmas than moms.

(Images via Ryan Khatam)


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