November 21, 2011

Girl Watcher #2: A 1959 Magazine That Gives Creepy Tips To Men On How To Stalk Girls

The second issue of Girl Watcher.

It may have been intended as a joke, but few women - past or present - are likely to find much humor in pages from a '50s magazine instructing readers how to 'stalk and collect pretty girls'.

At first glance, the June 1959 issue of Girl Watcher magazine appears to be a typical '50s pinup publication. But closer examination reveals it to be a highly sexualized attempt at parodying the satirical Mad Magazine.

Featuring disturbing articles such as 'Some Advanced Field Notes on Stalking The Girl' and 'More About Collecting Pretty Girls,' the magazine attempted comedy through perverted humour in what reads like an open letter to ambitious, real life, predators of women.

[Copyright 1959 by Bonanza Publishing Co., Inc; via Jordan Smith's Flickr]


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