November 16, 2011

Vintage Photos of Ringo Starr and Ewa Aulin on the Set of the Film 'Candy' in 1968

The movie Candy was released in 1968. Noteable for the movie acting debut of Ringo Starr, playing the mexican gardener Emanuel, and for the featuring of two songs by Steppenwolf and one by the Byrds.

Swedish actress Ewa Aulin played the title character. Her movie career took off after winning the title of Miss Teen Sweden in 1965 at age 15, and then later the title of Miss Teen International 1966.

Besides Candy, she appeared mostly in Italian films. Many of her films were sex comedies, but she also made a few thrillers and horror films.

Candy was one of many psychedelic movies that appeared in the late sixties. Critics never liked the picture and particularly disliked Marlon Brando as a guru. In later years, however, it has became a cult classic.


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