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October 27, 2011

Sexy Witches: 15 Vintage Photos of Hollywood Actresses Posing in Halloween Costumes From the 1920s

There’s a lot of vintage pin-ups from the 1920s featuring sexy witches and gals with pumpkins, ghosts and the like. These photographs were meant for calendars, magazines, postcards, and simply to be pinned up. Enjoy!

Etchika Choureau, 1958

Virginia Curtis, 1954

Madge Meredith, 1946

Ann Miller, 1949

Virginia Welles, 1956

Ann Savage Riding, 1944

Nancy Gates, 1943

Lucia Carroll, 1941

Leila Hyams, 1928

June Collyer, 1930

Fabulous Four Witches, 1941

Dorothy Dix, 1928

Colleen Moore, 1920

Ursula Jeanis, 1965

Betty Grable, c.1930s

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