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September 14, 2011

Amazing ’80s London Street Photography by Johnny Stiletto

No other city has the variety of hairstyles male and female that parade the streets of London. The bouffant, the duck arse, the white wings of power swept over the ears, the coxcomb punk, the flat top, the social outrider's bowl cut. They're all there to make a place. In respect of the hair of the 80s, the rest of the world was dead from the neck up.

Bought a 35mm camera at the beginning of 1980, Johnny Stiletto spent the next 10 years walking around London taking half a roll of black and white a day and photograph whatever happens. Here are 16 unique street photographs of London taken by Stiletto when it was the style, musical, political and fashion capital of the world.

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  1. I bet that the news of John Lennon's murder was a big shock there. No one probably expected Lennon to get killed.




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