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October 1, 2016

Remember New York – 16 Incredible Photos of 30's NYC Scenes That Make You Nostalgic

Take a look back the 1930s to see how New York City has changed.

Downtown terminals at Sands Street station in 1936

Jacob Heymann Butcher Shop, 345 Sixth Avenue, New York, 1938

Manhattan skyline, May 12, 1930

New York Harbor, 1935

New York, 1937

Pennsylvania Station, 1936

The Lung Block, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 1933

Times Square, 1938

Times Square, January 13, 1937

Times Square, November 12, 1933

West 42nd Street & 6th Avenue, 1933

7th Avenue & 46th Street, 1934

7th Avenue toward Barrow Street, 1939

Broadway & 46th Street , 1937

Broadway & 46th Street, New York City, January 13, 1937

Church Street & Park Place, with the remains of the 6th Avenue El, March 17, 1939

(Photos from Michael Donovan)


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