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May 20, 2016

20 Rare and Wonderful Color Photographs Capture Daily Transport in Tokyo in the 1950s

Post-occupation Japan is the period in Japanese history which started after the Allied occupation of Japan ended in 1952. Since that time, Japan has established itself as a global economic and political power. These wonderful color photographs capture trains and cars on the streets of Tokyo in 1957.

A Tokyo sightseeing/tour bus on the streets.

A cool convertible car on the street in Tokyo in 1957.

A truck and a bus (text appears to say "Fish Market") on the street in Tokyo.

A Volkswagen Beetle on the streets of Tokyo in the 1950s.

1950s cars on the street in Tokyo.

Cars on the streets of Tokyo in the 1950s.

A blue & white train at a Tokyo station.

A Tokyo train passing by a billboard for the 1956 movie "The Wrong Man".

Trolley or cable cars on the streets of Tokyo.

A Japanese train with "Ikebukuro" on the front.

A trolley car and bus driving in front of Ginza Mitsukoshi in the 1950s.

The Japanese Tsubame train (つばめ列車) somewhere in Tokyo in 1957.

Vintage cars and bicycles on the streets of 1950s Tokyo.

A vintage delivery vehicle on the street in Tokyo that says "Ito's Enriched Bread" (伊都 良パン).

A bunch of Japan Post delivery vehicles, probably parked at a post office in Tokyo.

A blue and white train in Tokyo.

A street car and bus on the street in Tokyo, maybe Ginza.

An old delivery or dump truck in Tokyo.

A green & orange train making its way through Tokyo.

A three wheeled delivery vehicle on the street in Tokyo. You can see the San-ai building in the background, so like Ginza.


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