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March 21, 2016

Make and Then Model Your Own Bikini – Funny Footage of a Bikini Competition in Clacton, Essex, England, 1961

At Butlin's Holiday Camp we see several girls taking tea towels, dusters and handkerchiefs from a washing line. They run over to some tables and start to make the oddments into bikinis as part of a competition, helped by friends and boyfriends; a large crowd watches. Several shots of the bikinis taking shape; the girls take their creations behind a screen then reappear in them - they look pretty good!

The girls line up to be judged for the best bikini maker as the crowd watches; a blond be-quiffed boy in yellow trunks looks on. A petite brunette in a red bikini is presented with a small silver cup (an A-cup?).

(© British Pathe)


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