Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adorable 1970s Valentine's Day Cards Featuring the McDonaldland Characters

Here's an adorable set of Valentine's Day cards featuring the McDonaldland characters. These were available in McDonald's restaurants for kids in 1978.

Grimace - "You make me jump for joy Valentine!"

Captain Crook - "You're a real treasure to me, Valentine!"

Officer Big Mac - "Here's the key to my heart Valentine!"

The Hamburglar - "Valentine - You stole my heart away!"

Mayor McCheese - "You're my number 1 choice!"

Ronald McDonald - "This Valentine is straight from my heart but it over for a real work of art!"

This one is the French Fry Gobblins, which is actually the back side of the Ronald card. It reads "Here's a Valentine that's straight from the heart. From Ronald to you."

(via wafflewhiffer's Flickr)

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