Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LGBT Couples – Adorable Vintage Photos of Gay Lovers in the Victorian Era

Here is how gay couples express their loves for each other in the Victorian Era.

A late 19th century gay couple

A middle-aged gay couple in the late 1800s

Young men in the 1880s

An affectionate pair from the late 19th century

Gay couple in the 1850s-60s

Gay couple in the late 1800s in America

A gay couple, 1878

Gay couple, ca. 1870s

Gay men from the 1800s

Gentlemen lovers in the 1870s

Male couple in America, 1875

Male couple in America, ca. 1880s

Men with hats and cigars hand in hand

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas, 1893

Two gentlemen in the late 1800s

Men with hand in hand in Victorian Era

Two men in Victorian Era

A male couple with hats and open waistcoats, ca. 1850s-60s

Two unidentified Union Army soldiers, 1864

Two young gentlemen, ca. 1850

Unidentified soldiers in Union uniforms holding cigars in each other's mouths, ca. 1860s

Victorian old lovers

19th century male lovers with flower hats

A couple in the 19th century

A couple of lovers in the late 1800s

Gay couple , ca. 1860s

Young lovers, ca. 1890s

A gentlemen couple hand in hand, ca. 1890s

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