July 6, 2014

Pictures of Stunt Bikers from 100 Years Ago

In 1901, Fancy Cycling, an extraordinary book by Isabel Marks, was published, showing straight-faced paragons of Edwardian society pulling off some pretty daring (and peculiar) stunts. The original 1901 book which was one of the first to promote daring tricks for weird and wonderful acrobatics on two wheels, such as handle bar riding, riding backward and standing on the seat riding, hands off! Illustrated with period photographs showing outlandish daredevil "fancy cycling" stunts that have to be seen to be believed, it wonderfully captures a bygone age when popular fads and crazes were met with wild enthusiasm and is a delightful keepsake for cycling or sports enthusiasts.

(Photographs: Science Museum/Science & Society Picture Library & Old House Books & Maps, via The Guardian)

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  1. Wonderful photos, blogged first by me in 2011. The original transparencies belong to my friend Timothy Hack, and I did the digital cleanup and color correction on each one. You may like to know that each of these were originally given wonderfully hilarious captions, which you can enjoy on my blog: http://miehana.blogspot.com/2011/03/storybook-fashions.html



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