May 14, 2013

Brilliant B&W Photos of a Simple & Quiet Greece from 1903-1930

Swiss photographer Fred Boissonnas is the first foreign photographer who traveled so much in the Greek area, in 1903, for about three decades later. Traveled from the Peloponnese to Crete and Olympus and from Ithaca to Mount Athos. He toured, photographed, wrote. His work, innovative and decisive for the evolution of Greek photography in the 20th century. Through photos and albums presents a panorama of Greece in the interwar period, contributing to the formation of European public opinion to Greece the same period.

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  1. Αυτή την όμορφη Πατρίδα,με τα θετικά και τα αρνητικά της, αλλοιώνουν, νοθεύουν κι εκμεταλλεύονται, οι Άτιμοι!! Ευτυχώς που Ζεί ακόμα στην Μνήμη των παλαιότερων!! Και, θα ξαναζήσει με τον Αγώνα, τις προσπάθειες και τους κόπους όλων μας!!



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