B&W Photos of Hollywood Pinups, 1950

Peggy Castle in bunny ears, 1950

Leslye Banning, 1950

Leslye Banning, 1950

Joyce Holden as an artist, 1950

Joyce Holden, 1950

Lucille Barkely as a witch, 1950

Peggy Castle in bikini, boots and six-gun holster, 1950

Peggy Castle as Cupid, 1950

Lucille Barkely, 1950

Susan Cabot, 1950

Susan Cabot, 1950

Peggy Castle, 1950

Susan Cabot, holding a salad bowl aloft, 1950

Yvonne De Carlo, 1950

(Photos: Ed ClarkTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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  1. The first imaged labeled as Leslye Banning (ringing the Liberty Bell) is more than likely Piper Laurie.