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January 9, 2013

Old Photos of Denmark from 1920s-1930s

Old black and white photos of Denmark from 1920s-1930s taken by Berit Wallenberg, a Swedish archaeologist and art historian.

Town Hall in Viborg, Denmark, 1933

Children in Pr├Žstegade street in Kalundborg, Denmark, 1933

House in Helsingoer, Denmark, 1934

Cyclist in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1930

Hellebaek by Oeresund channel, Denmark, 1920

Dolmen in Bregninge, Denmark, 1934

A building in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1930

Hesselagergaard Manor, Fyn, Denmark, 1933

Market in Nakskov, Denmark, 1933

Port of Korsoer, Denmark, 1933

View of Copenhagen Harbour, Denmark, 1930

Our Lady's Church in Kalundborg, Denmark, 1933

"Ting" stones in Ringsted, Denmark, 1933

The Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1930

(Photos: Berit Wallenberg, via Swedish National Heritage Board)


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