Saturday, June 16, 2012

Famous Dads With Their Kids

Orson Welles, wife Rita Hayworth and daughter Rebecca at home in 1945

Kirk Douglas hugs his son Michael in 1949

Humphrey Bogart and son Stephen in 1952

Charlton Heston lifts his two-month-old son, Fraser, who is portraying the baby Moses during filming of The Ten Commandments in 1955

Senator John F. Kennedy with daughter Caroline in 1958

Desi Arnaz cheers on the Dodgers while sitting next to his young son, Desi Jr., and child actor Richard Keith who played "Little Ricky" on I Love Lucy, 1958

Dean Martin with his son, Ricci, at home in 1958

Vice President Richard Nixon and daughter Julie at a ballgame, 1958

Richard Burton and his future stepdaughter, Liz Taylor and Mike Todd's daughter Liza, in 1962

Steve McQueen kisses his daughter Terry goodnight in 1963

Sammy Davis Jr. with his son Mark in 1964

Tony Curtis smiles at his daughter, Jamie Lee, in 1959

Dustin Hoffman with his daughter Karina, 1969

Donald Sutherland with his son, Kiefer, in 1970

Jack Nicholson and his daughter Jennifer, Los Angeles, 1970

Robert Redford and his son, David, in Utah in 1970

(Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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