Awesome Vintage Photos of Rock Stars with Their Parents

Frank Zappa in his eclectic Los Angeles home with his cat, his dad Francis, and his mom Rosemarie, 1970

LIFE photographer John Olson sets up to shoot the Jackson Five in their back yard, 1970

Rose Clapp shows off her tea service and the rock-guitarist grandson she raised in the home he bought for her and her late husband in Surrey, England, 1970

The Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick poses with her mother, Virginia Wing, in the living room of the home where she grew up in Palo Alto, California, 1970

New mom Grace dangles her daughter China by the feet, 1971

Grace steps outside with her mom and little China, 1971

Harold Cocker

Richie Havens with his parents, Brooklyn, 1970

Ginger Baker, the Cream and Blind Faith drummer, flashes a rare smile with his mother Ruby Streatfield inside her rowhouse in Bexley, outside London, 1970

The world knew him as Ginger, on account of his red hair, but his mother christened him Peter, and to her he was always my Pete.

With his parents divorced, the Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young posed with his father Floyd, an Oscar-winning cinematographer, in the Ojai, Calif., home Floyd shared with his second wife in 1970

The Jackson 5 pose with their parents, Encino, California, 1970

With their parents standing by, 13-year-old dynamo Michael (front left) and his brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito, and Jermaine straddle their motorbikes by the pool

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