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January 13, 2018

35 Handsome Photos of a Young John Travolta That Had Women Swooning in the 1970s and 1980s

John Travolta began his career in New York where he appeared on stage and in television commercials before obtaining a role in Broadway’s Grease – not yet as Danny Zuko. In 1976, he appeared in Carrie before becoming a star with Saturday Night Fever, in 1977: the disco pack praised the Bee Gees themed energetic drama. Followed further successes such as Grease, in 1978, Urban Cowboy, in 1980 and Blow Out, in 1981.

Soon the actor's career declined before the box-office hit, the Look Who's Talking trilogy, in the beginning of the 1990s and the sensational career invigorating, Pulp Fiction, in 1994. John Travolta was back as one of Hollywood's leading men and he starred in such films as Get Shorty, in 1995, Primary Colors, in 1998 and Hairspray, in 2007 – riskily reviving the role of the iconic drag queen, Divine.

Despite the polemics surrounding his personal life – the death of his autistic son, his close link to scientology, John Travolta proved one can be a has-been and an acclaimed star at the same time while he in definitely closely linked to pop culture trends: disco, musicals and most of Pulp Fiction's scenes and dialogues.



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