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October 27, 2013

Amazing Color Photos of Life in Ethiopia, 1931

1931, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia --- A group of costumed warriors sit on the St George's Cathedral steps

1931, Ethiopia --- A man sits, weaving the traditional garment known as a "chamma"

1931, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia --- The Governor of Tigre stands with the men of the American Mission

1931, Ethiopia --- This warrior poses in clothing made from a lion and rhinoceros

1931, Ethiopia --- Two men and their animals pose during their survey of Lake Tsana

June 1931, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia --- A statue honoring Monarch Menelik II stands by St George's Cathedral.

1931, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia --- A large group of people gather for the coronation festivities

ca. June 1931, Ethiopia --- An informal group portrait of American dignitaries

ca. June 1931, Ethiopia --- An informal portrait of Empress Menen

ca. June 1931, Ethiopia --- An informal portrait of the archbishop of the Ethiopian church

1931, Ethiopia --- Fetawrari Mou lou Gueta, the Ethiopian Minister of War, is shown here

1931, Ethiopia --- Four men with rifles stand beside a decorated mule

1931, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia --- Soldiers pose with their weaponry during a coronation ceremony

1931, Ethiopia --- The Emperor poses in traditional, ceremonial, coronation clothing

(Images by © W. Robert Moore/National Geographic Society/Corbis)

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  1. Very good collection. Thank you for sharing these historic photos. Asratie,




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