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October 1, 2012

Photographs of General Motors Cars and Trucks, 1902-1938

Here, principally black and white photographs for the automotive and truck lines of General Motors, during the years 1902-1938.

01 The Evolution of GMC Trucks, 1902, 1905, 1906, 1915.

Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. 1-ton Rapid Truck. Model of 1905.

The Improved Chassis of 1906.

Model V First light duty truck developed by General Motors Truck Co., Pontiac, Mich.

Model F 11A.

GMC Model KU 5-ton. Developed in OWO 550 at Reliance Plant, 1913.

GMC Model KU 5 ton. Motor under hood, model developed in Owosso, Mich., in 1913.

Model H Reliance - GMC as improved in 191-? [Oxford Storage Co.]

Model 15 Bevel gear type. Developed 1915.

G.M.C. electric truck, 1914.

Model 26 Bevel drive; replacing Model 25, chain drive 1915.

Model 25 One ton chain drive - 1915.

U.S. Army Overseas Drive Away; Woodward Ave. 1916.

No. 6 Operated by electric power reliable.

Model 71, 31/2 ton, Change from chain to worm drive. 1914.

Model 21 G.M.C. Change from chain to bevel drive.

Model 16 A.A. Ambulance; standard with U.S. Army 1916-17.

Rapid 4 cylinder truck with driver and two passengers.

Model K 52, replaced by Model T40 - 1925.

Model T 16 BA - F 28 In front of Mantei Sheet Metal Work.

Model T 18 #C G 26 At a Lumber Yard. R.E. Behnke Lumber Co..

Model T 16 - C-6 General Motors Truck, at a gravel pit.

Model T-14 - D-14 Man delivering flowers from Schafers Flowers.

Model T-16 B-K-46 Men loading furniture in Keeshin Motor Express Co. Inc. truck.

Model T 16A - G12 Men working from the truck for A.C. Meyers Welding Service.

Model T 16 B - D 16 Men loading groceries from P. Herold & Sons inc. warehouse.

Model C-28 at Terry - Gilbride Coal Co. quarry.

Model T 16B - G 1A at a loading area.

Model T 16 - L 8 in front of Stuart Oxygen Co. loading gas cylinders.

Model T 16 B - A 7 Man loading carbonated water tanks.

Model T 14 B - F 37 in front of The People's Dept. Stores.

Pontiac truck loading sand.

Model T 16 - A 7 Men are loading distilled water.

Model T 14 B - F 21 Men are loading hardware.

GMC van infront of State Laundry Co..

Model T 23 on a bridge with a man towing the car.

Model T 16 B - A 7 Man loading beer bottles.

Model T 18 HA loading gravel for Hyman Korman Inc. Builders.

Model T 14 B Pick up 15 Men loading furniture for Argentine Furniture.

GM Truck loading sand.

Model T 46 B C 42 loading building materials at a construction site.

GM truck filled with soil for landscaping in front of a house.

Model T16 B K 39 Men loading fruits.

Model T 16 B used for shipping potatoes for Zell Potato Co..

Model F 18 H G 36 used for shipping paper for Graham Paper Co..

Model T 18 B - L 18 used for shipping glass for Cadillac Glass Co..

Model T 18 C - L 49 used for shipping construction materials.

Model T 16 A G 46 used for shipping wood

Model T 16 G 40 used by Union Electric , Light and Power Co..

GM truck used for shipping milk cans.

Model F 16 C - G 15 used for shipping furnitures for Brooks Parlor Furniture Co..

Model T 14 B - D 16 used by Welton Market for shipping groceries.

General Motors Truck used for loading sand and gravel by Foley & Beardslee.

GM truck used by men in a quarry.

GM truck used for mixing concrete.



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