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September 26, 2017

New York in the 1950s: 23 Fascinating Color Snapshots May Make You Softhearted

That's what New York City looked like in the 1950s.

Warner Theater, New York, circa 1950

George Washington Bridge, circa 1950

Greeley Square and Broadway, circa 1950

Hicks, NYC, circa 1950

New York City from the Empire State Building, circa 1950

Times Square at Night, circa 1950

Times Square at Night, August 3, 1952

New York at night, 1953

New York at night, 1953

New York City, 1953

New York City, 1953

New York street in 1953

Times Square, New York, 1953

Women at Times Square, December 11, 1954

Aboard Marsdam, NYC, August 3, 1955

Macy’s, New York, 1955

New York street in 1955

Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, NYC, 1955

Yankee Stadium, NYC, 1955

Sakser Bank, Cortland Street, New York, August 1956

Chrysler Building, 1957

Man reading paper at 59th Street, NYC, November 1958

Stern’s Department Store, 42nd Street and 6th Ave, New York, May 1958


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