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September 20, 2017

Beautiful France in 1970 Through An Australian Traveler's Lens

These beautiful photos of France in 1970 that were taken by lindsaybridge, an Australian travel addict who also loves to write and take photographs to document daily life's moments.

Open rear platform bus in Paris

Palace of Versallies, near Paris

Palace of Versallies, near Paris

Paris from Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris from Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris from the Arc De Triumph

Paris on the Seine River from the Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris transport museum

People at beach, Nice

Pond in the gardens in Paris

River Seine from Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Square in front of Lyon Station

Street scene in Paris

The Champs De Lesy from the Arc De Triumph, Paris

The Triumphal Arch of the Etolle Assent, Paris

Train to Marseilles, from Lyon on Rhone

Tram No.527, Saint-√Čtienne

Tramway museum in Paris

View down Champs De Lesay from the Arc De Triumph, Paris

Youth Hostel in Paris

Articulated No. 527 at terminus, Saint-√Čtienne

Barges on the Seine River, Paris

Base of the Eifel Tower, Paris

City Hall, Paris

Eifel Tower from the Arc De Triumph, Paris

Gare De Nord station, Paris

Gare Du Nord, Paris

Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris

La Louvrie Art Gallery, Paris

Les Vins du Carillon, Lyon

Lyon on Rhone, France

Newer tram at turning circle, Marseilles

Old Paris bus destination Hotel the Ville


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