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April 25, 2017

Take a Look at Pablo Picasso's Self-Portraits from Age 15 to Age 90

Known as one of the most prolific painters of Modern Art, Pablo Picasso was undoubtedly a man of many talents. The Spanish artist experimented with and excelled in many mediums, from painting and drawing to sculpting and collaging. In addition to different art forms and unique materials, however, Picasso also worked in a spectacular array of styles. This constantly changing aesthetic approach is evident in his series of self-portraits, which he painted from the age of 15 until 90.

15 Years Old (1896)

18 Years Old (1900)

20 Years Old (1901)

24 Years Old (1906)

25 Years Old (1907)

35 Years Old (1917)

56 Years Old (1938)

83 Years Old (1965)

85 Years Old (1966)

89 Years Old (1971)

90 Years Old (June 28, 1972)

90 Years Old (June 30, 1972)

90 Years Old (July 2, 1972)

90 Years Old (July 3, 1972)

(via My Modern Met)


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