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March 12, 2017

Postal Operation During World War I – 19 Rare Lantern Slides Show the Postmen from 1914-18

A collection of lantern slides from The Postal Museum showing postal operations for various nationalities during the First World War.

Most of these photos were hand-colored. Handwritten captions in black ink on labels above the images were shown below the slides.

British Army Post Office, 1914-18

British Field Post Office, France, 1914-18

Canadian Field Post Office, 1914-18

Distribution of Letters, French, 1914-18

Fetching Christmas Mails, 1918

French Field Post, 1914-18

French Pigeon Post (Ruhr), 1914-18

German Army Parcel Post, 1914-18

German Field Post, 1914-18

German Field Post, 1914-18

German Military Parcel Postmen, 1914-18

India Military Camp Post Office, 1914-18

Italian Soldiers Writing Home, 1914-18

Army Post Office, London, 1914-18

Pigeon Post Flanders, 1914-18

Suvla Bay Post Office, 1914-18

The Field Post Office, Holkham Camp, 1914

Writing Home in Dug-Out, 1914-18

Writing home, France, 1914-18


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