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February 19, 2017

Amazing Vintage Photos of Rock Stars Found at a Swap Meet

Musician and rock archivist Jim Laspesa has been sharing some drool-worthy pics on his Facebook page. The most recent batch comes from a swap meet in Pasadena, California. These uncredited photos capture some of rock’s biggest stars at the zenith of their celestial ascent.

A case of somebody (or somebodies) being in the right place at the right time. Amateur, pro? Who knows? Whoever shot the likes of Jagger, Bowie, and Jimmy Page must have attended the best damn parties ever.

David Bowie and Ronnie Spector

Jimmy Page and John Bonham in a bathrobe

Keith Richards and David Bowie

The Righteous Brothers waiting for an elevator

Charlie Watts

Jimmy Page and Mick Ralphs

The Plasmatics

Alice Cooper

Mick Jagger and Simon Kirke

(Images: Jim Laspesa, via Dangerous Minds)


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