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January 4, 2017

WWI Australian Soldiers – 58 Vintage Photos of New South Wales Servicemen Portraits in 1918

Here is a vintage photo collection of New South Wales servicemen portraits from the First World War. They were born before 1900 and enlisted in 1918.

These photos are from "Crown Studios' New South Wales officers and men of the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F.) and the Australian Naval Forces".

Albert Edward Hawkins, born 1898

Albert Stephen Furness, born 1899

Alfred Andrew Hamilton, born 1899

Angus Ralph Anderson, born 1899

Archibald Strahan, born 1899

Bertie Paine, born 1899

Cecil James Poynting, born 1899

Cecil McKee, born 1899

Charles Terrence Green, born 1899

Charlie Hinton, born 1898

Chris Edwards, born 1899

Claude James S. Hunt, born 1899

Daniel Ruben Curtis, born 1899

David Gordon Ramsay, born 1899

Donald Roy McKinnon, born 1898

Edmund Matthias Mattson, born 1899

Edward Andrew Bolger, born 1898

Eric George MacAdam, born 1899

Francis Birkin Armitage, born 1899

Francis Eden, born 1899

Frank Anthony Martin, born 1899

Gavin Brandreth Parry, born 1898

George Albert Hair, born 1899

George Roy Hilton Bellinger, born 1899

George Wilson Allen, born 1899

George Yates, born 1898

Henry Ryall, born 1898

Herbert Charles Elliot, born 1898

Irving Davies, born 1899

Jack Burch, born 1898

James Campbell, born 1898

James Edward Wooden, born 1898

James Kennedy McCrabb, born 1898

John Baker, born 1899

John Charles Bray, born 1899

John Harrison, born 1899

John McLaren, born 1899

John Patten, born 1898

Jonathan Kirby, born 1898

Lambert Arrowsmith, born 1899

Leon Joseph Abrahams, born 1899

Leslie McLaughlin, born 1898

Nathaniel Frederick Cohen, born 1898

Raymond Theo Seabrook, born 1899

Reginald Clarence, born 1898

Richard Charles McCarthy, born 1899

Roy Gould, born 1899

Stanley Clarence Pateman, born 1898

Stanley Douglas Cornish, born 1898

Stanley George Henry Bench, born 1899

Thomas Alexander Roper, born 1898

Thomas Cyril J. Kitson, born 1899

Thomas Small, born 1898

Vivian Eric New, born 1899

William Edward Washbourne, born 1898

William Ewart Johnson, born 1898

William Hugh Gilmour, born 1899

Wolfe Greenstein, born 1899

(Photos from State Library of New South Wales)


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