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January 12, 2017

21 Breathtaking Color Photos of RAAF Orion's Aircraft Operation from the mid-1960s

In November 1964, the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) selected the Orion to replace the Neptunes of No 11 Squadron at RAAF Base Richmond. These ten aircraft, A9-291 to A9-300 , were P-3B-95-LO and -100-LO variants. The first was handed over on 10 January 1969. Unfortunately, on 11 April, A9-296 was written off when a defective undercarriage collapsed at the Moffet Field US Naval Air Station in California. This aircraft was replaced by 154605, a US Navy P-3B-105-LO, which became A9-605 in 1969.

These vintage photos are scan of Kodak slides from the mid-1960s. These came from a retired RAAF Orion Pilot, and may have been taken from 296.

(Photos from Nick)


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