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November 14, 2016

32 Rare and Old Celebrity Passport Photos of American Actresses in the 1920s

These very old and rare photos below are passport portraits of American actresses that captured in the early 1920s. Most of them were Hollywood silent film celebrities. Take a look...

Alice Joyce, 1924

Anita Stewart, 1924

Ann Little, 1920

Dorothy Dalton, 1921

Eileen Sedgwick, 1922

Fern Andra, 1921

Hedda Hopper, 1923

Helen Hayes, 1921

Irene Castle, 1922

Jane Novak, 1924

Jeanie MacPherson, 1921

Josie Sedgwick, 1922

June Elvidge, 1925

Kathleen Myers, 1922

Lillian Gish, 1922

Mabel Normand, 1922

Madge Kennedy, 1921

Marion Davies, 1921

Marjorie Daw, 1924

Mary Boland, 1923

Mary Nolan, 1924

Mary Pickford, 1924

May Allison, 1922

Minta Durfee, 1924

Miriam Hopkins, 1922

Myrtle Lind, 1922

Nancy Carroll, 1925

Natalie Talmadge, 1920

Ona Munson, 1923

Pauline Frederick, 1922

Tallulah Bankhead, 1923

Victoria Forde, 1924


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