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October 11, 2016

27 Amazing Vintage Photographs Captured Paris from the 1850s

Twenty-five-year-old Édouard Baldus arrived in Paris to study painting in 1838, shortly before Louis Daguerre first showed his magically precise photographic images to the world.

In Paris, the self-taught Baldus worked outside the École des Beaux-Arts and atelier system, but submitted work to each of the annual Salons of painting and sculpture in Paris from 1841 to 1851.

As a painter he met with little success and achieved no critical mention, but in the decade that followed, from 1851 to 1861, Baldus abandoned the easel and took up the camera, rose to the top of his new profession, won international critical acclaim, secured commissions from government ministries and captains of industry, and created a body of photographs now considered early masterpieces of the art.

Ile de la Cité, general view

Panorama de la Cité

Pont Royal and Louvre

Hôtel de Ville

Palais Royale

Palais de Justice

Louxembourg, Paris

Hôtel des Invalides


Place de la Concorde

Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile

Tour Saint-Jacques

Notre-Dame, Paris

St. Gervais, Paris

St. Eustache, Paris


St. Étienne du Mont

Saint Germain l' Auxerrois

Panorama du Louvre

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Eglise d' Issoir

St. Vulfran à Abbeville


Les Remparts d' Avignon

Egl. de Brioude

Maison Carreé à Nimes

Arc antique à Orange

(Images © The New York Public Library)


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