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August 12, 2016

What Makes Nancy So Great, by Sidney

In 1978, punk rocker Sid Vicious penned the following affectionate note - a love letter of sorts that simply listed his girlfriend's best qualities - and gave it to Nancy Spungen. Just months later Spungen was stabbed to death, and Vicious was the man suspected of her murder. A heroin overdose killed him before the trial commenced.

(Image © Hard Rock, via Letters of Note)

What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney 
1 Beautiful
2 Sexy
3 Beautiful figure
4 Great sense of humour
5 Makes extremely interesting conversation
6 Witty
7 Has beautiful eyes
8 Has fab taste in clothes
9 Has the most beautiful wet pussy in the world
10 Even has sexy feet
11 Is extremely smart
12 A great Hustler


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