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August 18, 2016

Weird but True – 12 Things You Thought Would Never See in Winter

Cold, wet, but sometimes winter is a good environment to express something cool. Here is 12 weird things that you thought you would never see in this season.

1. Man sits in a snow-filled car with a smile.

2. Men sitting on the roof of a mountain cabin.

3. People relaxing in a snow drift.

4. Children in a box in the snow.

5. Two men wearing masks pushing each other in a wheelbarrow.

6. Women wearing skirts in the snow.

7. Women hanging laundry in the snow.

8. Children in a snow fort.

9. Dog sled being pulled by Siberian huskies.

10. Little boy looking at a well-dressed snowman.

11. Little Yupik girl with a reindeer.

12. Man serenading a woman with a guitar in a ruined house.

(Photos from simpleinsomnia)


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