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August 4, 2016

1930s: The Most Powerful Flaring Period of Modern Female Fashion

1920s was considered subversive period of discreet female fashion, and the 1930s was period of the most powerful flare. A lot of modern and fashionable designs were born in this era.

Here below are 18 beautiful actresses who defined women fashion in the 1930s.

1. Greta Garbo.

2. Alice Faye.

3. Alice White.

4. Bette Davis.

5. Carole Lombard.

6. Clara Bow.

7. Claudette Colbert.

8. Eleanor Powell.

9. Ginger Rogers.

10. Hedy Lamarr.

11. Jean Harlow.

12. Joan Crawford.

13. Katharine Hepburn.

14. Kay Francis.

15. Marlene Dietrich.

16. Myrna Loy.

17. Sylvia Sidney.

18. Vivien Leigh.


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