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June 7, 2016

28 Interesting Photographs Capture Street Scenes of Penang, Malaysia in the early 1980s

The name of "Penang" comes from the modern Malay name Pulau Pinang, which means "island of the areca nut palm". The name Penang may refer either to the island of Penang (Pulau Pinang) or the state of Penang (Negeri Pulau Pinang).

Located at the intersection of Asia’s great kingdoms and and Europe's powerful colonial empires, the island of Penang has long served as the link between Asia’s two halves and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.

These 28 interesting color photographs of Penang were taken by Japanese photographer Doi Kuro in 1984.

George Town at twilight, Penang, 1984

Queen street, Penang, 1984

Backpackers eating breakfast, Penang, 1984

Taxi driver, Penang, 1984

General shop, Penang, 1984

Eating house, Penang, 1984

School girl, Penang, 1984

Kampung boys, Penang, 1984

Successful restaurant, Penang, 1984

Kampong in the afternoon, Penang, 1984

Fruit vendor, Penang, 1984

Mother and kids, Penang, 1984

Sisters with cat, Penang, 1984

Hawker center, Penang, 1984

Country store, Penang, 1984.

Homework, Penang, 1984

Kampung girls, Penang, 1984.

 Komtal under construction, Penang, 1984

Australian backpackers, Penang, 1984

Girl with cat, Penang, 1984

Restaurant at dusk, Penang, 1984

Trishaw, Penang, 1984

Girl in the shade of a tree, Penang, 1984

Grocery store, Penang, 1984

Shop house, Penang, 1984

Indian family, Penang, 1984

Puppy, Penang, 1984

Shophouse, Penang, 1984

(Images © Doi Kuro)


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