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May 8, 2016

Put a Bird on It! - 33 Absolutely Hilarious Vintage Snapshots of People with Birds to Make You Laugh

“Put a Bird on It” is a catchphrase that stems from a comedic skit featured in an episode of IFC’s hipster-satire comedy TV show Portlandia, wherein Bryce Shivers (portrayed by Fred Armisen) and Lisa Eversman (Carrie Brownstein) work as a duo of interior décor specialists who visit businesses and homes to put “birds” on a variety of objects and call them art.

Of course, “Put a Bird on It” still means just that to many fans of the show. People are still “Put a Bird on It” because it's become something of a meme, just because they like birds, or simply as a tribute to the hilariousness that is Portlandia.


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