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April 20, 2016

Wonderful Kodacolor Prints of Women with Classic Cars in the 1950s

Here is a wonderful collection of Kodacolor photos that shows women posing with their classic cars in the 1950s.

A fashionable lady wearing a colourful floral dress and white opera gloves posing with a metallic grey Volkswagen, Hamburg, 1958

A fellow in a white shirt and a lady in a floral dress posing with a green and white Oldsmobile in the countryside, U.S,
spring 1955

A wonderful colour photograph of a girl in a red and white Buick, New York, Apr. 27, 1957

A lady in a knee length dress posing with a blue and white Ford, Vienna, Austria, 1959

A lady in a pleated dress posing next to a white and red Mercury convertible, U.S, March 1959

A lady in a short-sleeved dress and a little dog posing with a Hudson Hornet in a middle class residential area,
November 22, 1954

A lady in a swimsuit leaning against the tailfin of a "Surf Green" Chevrolet on a sandy beach, Connecticut, 1959

A platinum blonde lady wearing a white top and dark sunglasses posing next to a 'Cameo Coral' coloured Chevrolet under immaculately blue skies, Puerto Rico, 1959

A stylish lady in a summer dress and a fellow in a white shirt posing with a metallic grey Oldsmobile on an avenue lined with palm trees, Miranda, Venezuela, April 1956

A young blonde lady in shorts posing with a yellow and white Buick in mid-day sunshine, U.S, Sept. 12, 1955

A young lady dressed in the fashion of the early fifties posing with a red Ford in a parking lot, California, December 1954

A young lady in a green coat with a red Mercury in a suburban street, U.S, September 17, 1955

A young lady in a yellow dress and an elderly couple posing with a grey DKW, Stuttgart, 1952

A young lady in an ankle length white dress posing with an Opel Olympia, Germany, 1950

Two blonde ladies in white blouses and a girl posing with a Burgundy-red Opel on an Alpine road in summertime,
Belgium, 1952

A blonde woman cuddling with a dog in front of a Studebaker, U.S, 1954


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