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March 1, 2016

Women in Science – 51 Historical Vintage Pictures of American Female Scientists at Work

These female scientists are not only beautiful, but also intelligent!

Anatomist Miriam Elizabeth Simpson (1894-1991) working with microscope

Anthropologist Mildred Trotter (1899-1991), ca. 1920s

Anthropologist Ruth Murray Underhill (1883-1984) in 1941

Artist and illustrator Elizabeth Sabin Goodwin (1902-1980) drawing a draft

Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941) sitting at desk

Astronomer Cecilia Helena Payne Gaposchkin (1900-1979) in her office

Astronomer Elizabeth Roemer at her desk at the U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff (Arizona) Station, 1963

Astronomer Jacqueline L. Schroedter in 1962

Astronomer Margaret Harwood (1885-1979)

Astronomer Muriel E. Mussells Seyfert (1909-1997) in 1936

Bacteriologist, plant pathologist, and inventor (1884-1974) in an experiment, 1932

Biochemist and bacteriologist Ruby Sakae Hirose (1904 – 1960)

Biochemist and physiologist Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929)

Biochemist Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori (1896-1957) and her husband Carl Ferdinand Cori (1896-1984) at work, 1947

Biochemist Mary Van Rensselaer Buell (1893-1969), sitting in lab with microscope, reading paper, ca. 1927

Biologist Gertrude Van Wagenen (1893-1978) in the 1920s

Biologist Mary Alice McWhinnie (1922-1980) in an experiment, 1962

Biologist Mary Stuart MacDougall who wrote Biology 'The Science of Life'

Biologist Mathilde Margarethe Lange (1888-1974)

Botanist Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963) sitting at desk with specimens, 1960

Botanist Wanda Margarite Kirkbride Farr (1895-1983) sitting in lab with microscope

Cell biologist and embryologist Margaret Reed Lewis (1881-1970)

Chemist and biologist Margaret V. Dunham standing at bank of instruments, 1943

Chemist Joyce Jacobson Kaufman creating a chemical model, 1964

Chemist Margaret D. Foster (1895-1970) at work, 1919

Crystallographer Dorita Anne Norton (1931-1972) in 1968

Embryologist Beatrice Mintz working with microscope

Engineer and professor Mary Blade standing at blackboard, 1946

Entomologist, researcher and teacher Mary Isabel McCracken (1866-1955) in her office

Experimental physicist Chien-shiung Wu (1912-1997) at work

Forestry research scientist Eloise Gerry (1885-1970) shown at microscope, ca. 1920s

Geneticist and cytologist Margaret Mann Lesley (1891-1988)

Geneticist Anna Chao Pai preaching

Geneticist Helen Redfield (1900-1988)

Herpetologist Doris Mable Cochran (1898-1968) measuring a turtle shell, 1954

Ichthyologist Cornelia Maria Clapp (1849-1934), sitting at desk

Journalist Emma Reh (1896-1982) reading a book

Medical writer and chemist Jane Stafford (1899-1991) in her office

Microbiologist Elizabeth Lee Hazen (1888-1975) and chemist Rachel Brown (1898-1980) in their collaboration experiment

Mycologist Alma Whiffen Barksdale (1916-1981) in 27, Oct. 1948

Ornithologist Roxie Collie S. Laybourne (1912-2003) identifying bird feathers, 1944

Physician Mary N. Crawford shown sitting next to blackboard, 1962

Physicist Katharine Burr Blodgett (1898-1979) demonstrating equipment in lab, 1938

Physiologist Elizabeth M. Bright sitting in lab, ca. 1920s

Pioneering biochemist and physiologist Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929)

Plant pathologist Ruth Colvin Starrett McGuire (1893-1950)

Psychologist Helen Lois Koch (1885-1977) in 1922

Psychologist June Etta Downey (1875-1932) writting notes

Scientist and cytogeneticist Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) in her experiment, 1947

Zoologist Mary Jane Rathbun (1860-1943) working with crab specimens

Zoologist, geneticist, and cytologist Estrella Eleanor Carothers (1883-1957)

(Photos from Smithsonian Institution)


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