Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Japanese Girls in the Taisho Period – Maikos and Geikos from Kyoto in the 1910s-20s

Here is a photo collection shows the normal life of Maiko and Geiko girls in Kyoto in the 1910s-20s.

A group of Maiko girls on a balcony overlooking the Kamo River in Kyoto, ca. late 1910s

A group of Maiko girls playing a game, ca. 1920s

A group of Maiko girls standing on the riverbank, ca. late 1910s

A Maiko girl taking a photograph with an early Kodak folding camera, while being guided by another Maiko, ca. 1920s

A Maiko playing with a ball, ca. 1920s

Admiring a folding fan, ca. 1910s

Beautiful girls in a hot summer evening, ca. 1920s

Beautiful Japanese girls going out for a walk, ca. 1910s

Climbing an escarpment, ca. 1920s

Drinking Kirin beer, 1920

Five Maiko girls posing for a shot, ca. 1920s

Fourteen Maiko girls in Komonos, ca. 1920s

Geikos on a summer balcony, 1920

Maiko  dancing with a mai-ogi (dancing fan), her obi (sash) decorated with dragons and pearls, ca. 1910s

Maiko girls have an afternoon tea, ca. 1920s

Maiko girls in a Takase-bune, 1926

Maiko girls with dolls, ca. 1920s

Maiko girls with umbrellas in the 1920s

Maikos at a waterfall, ca. 1920s

Maikos by the river in the 1920s

Maikos in Kimonos in the 1920s

Maikos with dragon obi Kimonos in the 1920s

One Maiko taking a photograph of another withe an early Kodak folding camera, ca. 1920s

Playing the Taiko and the Kotsuzumi, ca. 1910s

Playing Toryanse, ca. 1920s

Portrait of a Maiko with Sakkou hairstyle in the 1920s

Posing for a shot by the Kamo River, ca. 1920s

Relaxing on a balcony in the 1920s

Taking a break and fixing their make-up on a park bench, ca. 1920s

Three Maiko girls with a camera, ca. 1920s

Twelve year old musicians, ca. 1910s

Two Maiko girls from behind, ca. 1920s

Two Maiko girls with obi of Nishijin Silk, 1917

Two young girls on a street in the 1910s

Two young girls sitting on a park bench, ca. 1920s

Wisteria obi dancing, ca. 1920s

Young Maiko girl, ca. 1920s

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