March 26, 2016

20 Vintage Photographs Show How Classic Hollywood Stars Celebrate Easter

We know celebrities always do things better, and Easter is no exception...

Angie Dickinson celebrates Easter in Hollywood

Debbie Reynolds

Shirley Temple with a bunny given her as an Easter present by Joel McCrea, 1936

Barbara Bates, 1945

Debra Paget, ca. 1950s

Diana Lynn, ca. 1950s

Sharon Tate wearing a blue dress, with a white collar, holding a toy rabbit and sitting in a director's chair with the legend, 'Happy Easter', across the back, in a studio portrait, against a blue background, circa 1965.

Jolene Brand, 1961

Lillian Harvey, ca. 1930s

Roberta Robinson

Ida Lupino

Mary Carlisle as the Easter Bunny, ca. 1930s

Heather Angel poses as Easter Bunny, ca. 1933

Debbie Reynolds

Elke Sommer

Adele Jergens, 1947

Susan Hayward, ca. 1940s

Dorothy Jordan, ca. 1930s

Easter Bunny and Gloria DeHaven, 1944

Gleeful Easter wishes from Mitzi Gaynor


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