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February 6, 2016

Driving Through Old London in the 1950s

This film dates from around 1952. The route that was taken during the making of this film has been identified:
  • 1:15 Kensington High St, now moving W and looking SE. We start just E of Allen St. Just past Abingdon St.
  • 2:02 we turn N up Phillimore Gardens.
  • At 2:59 we turn R into Upper Phillimore Gardens and continue till 3:26 cut to 3:26 Kensington High Street going W and looking NE. Stars just past Argyll Rd where we were at 1.14 on the other side.
  • 4:01 turn R up Phillimore Gardens again, but now looking at the E side.
  • 4:53 turn R into Upper Phillimore Gardens again, now looking at S side till 5:15


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