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January 6, 2016

50 Wonderful Color Photographs Capture Everyday Life in England in the early 1950s

These wonderful pictures were taken by Max Leonard on Kodachrome, captured eeryday life in England from the early 1950s...

Street Scene of Cambridge, 1951

Christchurch Street, 1952

Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, 1952

Bournemouth Gardens, 1952

Old Prison, 1952

Guards at Coronation, Trafalgar Square, London, 1953

Coach at Coronation, Charing Cross, London, 1953

Bath Road in Totterdown, Bristol, 1952

Weston Strand, 1953

Wooden Dock, 1953

Village Church, 1953

Cambridge, 1952

Weston Beach, 1952

Wooden Boats, Polperro, 1952

Polperro Street, 1952

West Street in Corfe, 1953

Chester Clock Tower Arch Way, 1952

River Front, Cambridge, 1952

Combe Bridge, 1952

Silverstone Grid, 1953

Stonehenge with troops visiting, 1953

Honors Graduation, 1953

Corfe Castle, 1952

Cottage, 1953

The East Gate Clock in Chester, 1952

Trafalgar Square, 1952

Boys in Corfe, 1952

Mevagissey Harbor, 1953

Windmill Newmarket, 1953

Graduation Cambridge, 1952

Winslow, 1952

The Mall London, 1953

Procession Cambridge, 1953

Trafalgar Fountain, 1953

London Street Scene Coronation, 1953

Polperro Cornwall, 1953

Mevagissey Cornwall, 1953

Polperro, 1953

Bournemouth, 1951

Big Ben from Bridge, 1953

Windsor from River, 1953

Tower bridge, 1953

Women Walking, 1953

Lambeth Pier

Market at Bury St. Edmunds, 1952

Palace Guards, 1953

Big Ben, 1953

QEII Driving By, 1953

Bridge and Corfe Castle, 1953

Rooftops and Corfe Castle, 1953

(via Michael Leonard)


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