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December 13, 2015

18 Vintage Photos of Women Posing With Guns from the Past

They didn't pose with guns for fun, they were ready to fight...

The gambler, 1912

Women in Independence Day

Women who worked in the factories testing the guns they made for the war

Women with guns

Women with rifles, 1889

A Civil War women's volunteer

A female cattle rancher in old west Colorado, ca. 1890

Amazons of the Caucasus, 1895

Civil War in Madrid, 1937

Cowgirls, ca. 1910

Female security guards, Detroit, 1929

Girl snipers, fighting for the government, during the Spanish Civil War, 1936

Girls with guns, 1922

Girls with guns, 1956

Japanese girls receiving shooting training during school in the 1930s

Nuns with guns

Out West women

Police cadets, 1948


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