December 14, 2015

Rare Vintage Photos of Stores in Victorian Era

These are what stores and shops in Victorian Era look liked.

A late-Victorian store interiors

A store at Rowland Street, Westchester Square, The Bronx, New York City, 1900

A Victorian cigar store

A Victorian dry goods store

A Victorian dry goods store

A Victorian store interiors

Boots and shoes store in Victorian Era

Crinoline shop, ca. 1880

Gadsby's original shop, Stratford, London, ca. late 1800s

Grocery store storefront, ca. 1890s

Hardware store sold weapons, Dodge city, 1872

In the Victorian hat shop

Interior of Helmbold's drug store, New York City, ca. 1880s

Late 1800s general store

Shop in Macclesfield Street, Soho, London, 1883

Store and post office in the 1800s

Stores in the 1800s

Stores in the 1800s

Stores, ca. 1890s

The 'Great Five Cent' store in Utica, NY, 1879

The grocery store, USA, ca. late 1800s

Vegetable store in the late 1800s


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