November 22, 2015

Vintage Photos of Victorian and Edwardian Women Smoking

Here are some awesome photos of beautiful ladies smoking in Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Actress Lola Crabtree smoking, 1868

An Victorian female smoker in a corset, London

Beautiful lady posing with cigarette and hat, 1906

Beautiful lady with cigarette, 1902

British stage actress Gladys Cooper posing with a burning cigarette, ca. 1900

Colorized portrait of young Victorian lady smoking a cigarette

Colorized portrait photo of young woman reclines on a sofa holding a burning cigarette, 1902

Colorized portrait picture of pretty woman posing with cigarette and hat

Edwardian woman with cigarette, ca. 1910

Frances Benjamin Johnson makes a self-portrait with a cigarette, 1900

Group of women having a smoke, 1896

Lady with cigarette

Lotta Crabtree, a major singer-actress, smoking a cigar, ca. 1880s

Smoking woman dressed in a gown with a lace low neckline and wearing a hat with ostrich feathers, Paris, ca. 1900

Three young ladies smoking, 1909

Young Victorian lady smoking a cigarette


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