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November 14, 2015

Fantastic Vintage Photos of Beautiful Muscular Women from the Early 20th Century

Women always have their unique ways to keep up with men.

Circus strong girl


Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton was known as The “First Lady of Iron”, ca. 1940s

Athleta Van Huffelen, ca. 1890s

Circus strong woman, 1905

Frances “Athelda” Rheinlander

Joan Rhodes, a.k.a Josie Terena

Kate Williams. a.k.a Vulcana in 1900

Katharina Brumbach, a.k.a Katie Sandwina

Laverie Vallee, a.k.a Charmion, ca. 1900s

Luise Krökel, a.k.a Luisita Leers, ca.1930s

Luisita Leers, ca. 1930s

Mildred Bliss, a.k.a Mildred Burke

Beautiful girl lifting up the barbell


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