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October 7, 2015

27 Amazing Vintage Photos of the Great Baltimore Fire in 1904

The Great Baltimore Fire raged in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, on Sunday, February 7, and Monday, February 8, 1904. It destroyed much of central Baltimore, including over 1,500 buildings covering an area of some 140 acres (57 ha).  It is considered historically the third worst conflagration in an American city, surpassed only by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, and the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

Here are some amazing vintage photos of this terrible fire.

Alexander Brown and Sons Building, Looking south-east from Calvert Building

During the fire

Anderson and Ireland Hardware Store

Baltimore St. W of St. Pau after the great fire

Baltimore Street between Calvert Street and Guilford Street in ruins after Great Fire of 1904

Baltimore's tallest building, the Continental Trust Building after the fire, 1904

Downtown in the aftermath

East of Baltimore and Liberty Streets after the 1904 fire

Electric railway powerhouse

Firefighters spraying water on buildings along German St. during 1904 fire

Firefighters spraying water on buildings during fire

Firefighters spraying water on buildings

Guardsmen and policeman guarding businesses after 1904 fire

Liberty and Lombard streets, southwest limit of fire

Maryland national guard

Panoramic photograph of Baltimore fire

Panoramic photograph of Baltimore fire

Panoramic photograph of Baltimore fire

People walking among the ruins and surviving buildings

the Baltimore skyline at night during the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904

The old 1875 Baltimore City Hall with dome in background and the 1889 Italian Renaissance style General Post Office with its nine towers and central tall clock tower survived the blaze

The ruins after the fire

The ruins after the fire

The ruins after the fire

The ruins of the Marine Bank

View from harbor of Pratt St. after 1904 fire

Winter hardships of the heroic firemen fighting the Great Fire, on West Pratt Street


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